Lecture at the CRF (Central Readiness Force)

I have a opportunity to give a lecture on Indonesian law and disaster recovery at the Central Readiness Force (CRF). CRF is a unit of the Self Defence Force of Japan that is in charge of UN Peace Keeping Operation (PKO) and international emergency relief activity.

Through discussion with a legal officer of CRF, I realized that the International emergency relief activities had far less clear international law status than PKO.  They have to be careful about private law issues that might occur during their activity. Thus, it is very important for them to know legal system in countries where they possibly operate.

PPT file (in Japanese, PDF) for this lecture is here: 20110308_lecture_at_crf

カテゴリー: disaster and law, Indonesia law, インドネシア法, 災害 タグ: パーマリンク


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