Scott Radnitz, 2010, Weapons of the Wealthy: Predatory Regimes and Elite-led Protests in Central Asia, Cornell UP

Colored revolutions or Springs, democratization triggered by people’s protest, have shaken countries of different regions in the world. The 2005 uprising in Kyrgyzstan, Tulip revolution, was one of these phenomena. But close observation of this may tell us different story, which is the question of Radnitz. The protest was mobilized only by a number of people from a certain municipality or community. Some political figures were salient leaders, who are considered to be patrons in the areas. Finally, the character of protests were not democratic in terms of its outcome, which just reestablished clientelistic politics led by a new patron rather than opening a more competitive game. This book is on the cutting edge of protest politics with extensive information through fieldwork. It is one of good examples how a detailed case study can contribute to theory development.

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