Christopher S. Parker and Matt A. Barreto. 2013. Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America. Princeton U.P.

Last Saturday I had a chance to attend a study circle in Kobe, where I enjoyed a lot the discussion on various points. This book was the assignment for that occasion. After Barack Obama elected in 2008, new political movement emerged in the US, not for but against this first African American president in a country with usually-known W.A.S.P. dominance. The movement takes the name of Tea Party, as a traditional symbol of American conservatism, and often agitated discriminatory attitudes. They don’t have remarkable leader. Who are they? Why they come out? What impact  this movement will have? The authors conveyed survey in thirteen states in the US in 2011 in order to tackle these questions. It is a good book in the sense of high transparency in analytical process and full of anecdotes with far-sighted. It gives an updated understanding about one aspect of current US politics with empirical findings.

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