METRO MANILA – a movie review

Last weekend I watched a movie titled “Metro Manila”. This movie is not only entertaining but also intriguing especially for brief but sharp description of the city of Manila and people living there. It starts with a family desperately running out from rural farming area decides to move to Manila with only 1200 pesos in hand. The story of very first days of their arrival to this mega-metropolitan city is astonishing, with a typical cheating, crime scenes and hardest works that all trap them inevitably. Though I know very few about Manila and the Philippines yet, those who got interested in “City of God” or something similar may find it a good taste.

Nobody would know that I am a movie-freak, but this is a natural consequence of a researcher who travels every year at least 80 hours for a round trip from Japan to South America. If you have any not-so-commercialized films, please let me know!


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