Fall 2022: Congratulations on your graduation!

We would like to welcome new members to the GSID Alumni Association!
We are very happy to share the excitement of your graduation day and we are very proud of you!

Thank you to those who donated.

ARMAH Samuel Otokunor
TOKOLI Peter Narh
PERERA Weerakkodi Arachchige Waruni
CHIN Sam Ath
Al Muizzuddin Fazaalloh
Yulia Windarti

We received the following comments from the new graduates:

  • Go go, GSID!
  • This is Mauricio Ojeda from Mexico, but living in Japan. I work as a canned food importer.
  • I am proud to be GSID alumni.
  • I am very happy to join this family.
  • Thank you very much.

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