Regulations of the Alumni Association of the Graduate School of the International Development, Nagoya University

Article 1: Name

The name of this organization is the Alumni Association of the Graduate School of the International Development, Nagoya University (hereafter, the Alumni, the GSID, respectively).

Article 2: Purpose

The Alumni is concerned with the following purposes:

  1. Promotion of mutual friendship and exchange among its members
  2. Contribution to the progress of GSID
  3. Promotion of International development studies

Article 3: Tasks

In order to realize the above mentioned purpose, the Alumni deals with the following tasks:

  1. Issuing a members list
  2. Promoting information exchange among members
  3. Supporting GSID and students
  4. Other necessary tasks to realize the aforementioned purpose

Article 4: Membership

The Alumni is organized with the following memberships:

  1. Regular membership: Present/past students, graduates from the regular Master’s and Doctoral programs, research students, and those who have obtained a doctorate by submitting a doctoral dissertation
  2. Supporting membership: Present/past professors, staff and research fellows
  3. Associate membership: Individuals, organizations, and corporations who respect the purpose of the Association, and are approved by the Officials Committee

Article 5: Officials

The Officials of the Alumni consists of the following:

  1. President (one)
  2. Vice Presidents (two)
  3. Secretaries
  4. Accountant (one)
  5. Auditor (one)
  6. Advisor (one: dean of the GSID)

Article 6:Election and official term of office

  1. The officials stated in article 5 shall be nominated at the Officials Meeting, and must be approved at the general meeting.
  2. The official term of office is two years. The reappointment of sitting officials to a new term of office is permitted.

Article 7: Duties of the officials

The Officials shall perform the following duties:

  1. The President controls the services and represents the Alumni.
  2. The Vice Presidents support the President.
  3. The Secretaries perform necessary services.
  4. The Accountant manages the membership fees by reflecting the intentions of the general meeting and the Officials’ meeting.
  5. The Auditor inspects the tasks and the account and reports it to the general meeting and the officials’ committee.
  6. The advisor provides necessary advice to the Alumni.

Article 8: General meeting

  1. The regular General Meeting shall be held once a year in principle and determine the basic direction of the Alumni. Additional General Meetings will be held if the association’s officials feel that one is necessary.
  2. The president shall call all general meetings.
  3. Decisions at the general meeting require the approval of the majority of attending members.

Article 9: Officials Committee

  1. The Officials Committee consists of all Officials (see article 5). The Committee’s Meeting shall be held once a year in principle and be in charge of the performance of the Alumni’s tasks. However, additional meetings will be held if deemed necessary by the majority of the attending officials.
  2. The Officials Meeting shall be called and chaired by the President.
  3. The Officials Meeting shall be approved by the majority of attending officials.
  4. Official decisions at the Officials Meeting requires a majority of votes from attending members.

Article 10: Secretariat

  1. The Secretariat of the Alumni shall be placed in GSID, and be controlled by the Alumni members.

Article 11: Fees

Members shall pay the following fees:

  • Regular members: Yen 3,000 as entrance fees
  • Supporting members: Yen 3,000 as entrance fees
  • Associate members: at will

Article 12: Account and fiscal year

  1. Alumni expenses shall be managed through membership fees, donations and other incomes.
  2. The fiscal year shall start on April 1st of each year and end on March 31st of the following year.

Article 13: Amendment of Regulations

  1. Amendments to regulations must be first proposed at the Officials’ meeting, and subsequently, approved by the General Meeting.

Additional clause: These regulations come into effect on July 15, 2000.