Message from President Noda

Welcome to GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University

Dear new graduates,

Congratulations on your graduation in March 2024! It is our great pleasure to welcome you as a new member. The GSID Alumni Association at Nagoya University was established in 2000. We aim to build a global network of alumni and affiliated faculty members, mediate between the alumni and current students and faculties, and contribute to the further development of our alma mater as well as sustainable development and peace of the world.

Respecting to the diversity and promoting globalization of our association, we would like to the launch of two chapters of the Philippines and Cambodia in last February, in addition to Thai chapter. With cooperation and participation of alumni, the association plan to do our various activities such as networking and branch activities, GSID Grand Program (GGP), GSID Global Seminar on International Development (GSID x GSID), GSID Alumni Relay Talk (G-ART) and may organize some events with chapters in the world.We also have relevant activities in collaboration with GSID and Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL). To leave no one behind, our activities will be in English with hybrid of online and face to face methods.

In the with/post COVID-19 era, the role of GSID alumni should play more important role for sustainable development and peace of the world. Wish you success in your new career. Please stay safe and healthy. See you soon online and/or face to face in our events.

Yours sincerely,

March 2024

Masato NODA,

President, GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University

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