Congratulation on your graduation!

We would like to welcome new members to GSID Alumni Association. Thank you for those who donated to this Association. The following is the list of donors.

ATMAJA Dimas Erwan

小原 美空


賀 汀

GUIRRUNGO Lino Antonio


SIE Kouakou Jean Fidele

TAMELE Nelson Armando Comeio



ZHAO Yiran


NARAYAN Simon Shiri Sat



水谷 文

向出 洋祐

METHISGE Ann Sudarshani Dabarera

MOREI Eve Hida

余 楽丹

高野 寿一

SALCEDO Sanchez Veronica Nelva

ALLISON Timipere Felix

2 anonymous

We are looking forward to working together. Thank you again!!

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GSID Alumni Association, Thailand Chapter was launched

2019年11月23日(土)、大学院国際開発研究科同窓会タイ支部がタイ王国チュラーロンコーン大学政治学部で立ち上げられました。名古屋大学全学同窓会タイ国支部長、アピナン スプラサート氏をはじめ、国際開発研究科からは研究科長の山形英郎教授、岡田亜弥教授、内海悠二准教授およびカンピラパーブ スネート講師、そして、GSID現役大学院生、タイにいる多くのGSID修了生が参加しました。GSID同窓会タイ支部の役員は会長のDr. Phakpoom TIPPAKOON、Dr. Waranya ATCHARIYACHANVANICH、Dr. Panisa VISHUPHONG、Dr. Supawat SUKHAPARAMATEおよびMr. Sarun PRAVITRANGULがつとめることになりました。任期は1年間、2020年1月1日から12月31日までです。

GSID Alumni Association, Thailand Chapter was launched on 23 November 2019 (Sat) at Political Science Alumni Room, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. Among witnesses, Prof. YAMAGATA Hideo, Dean of GSID, Dr. Aya OKADA, Dr. Yuji UTSUMI, and Prof. Sunate KAMPEERAPARB are faculty members from GSID. Current GSID students and many of GSID alumni in Thailand also joined this auspicious occasion. We were grateful to have Dr. Apinun SUPRASERT, President of Nagoya University Alumni Association Thailand Branch as our guest. Board members of the newly established Thailand Chapter consist of Dr. Phakpoom TIPPAKOON as a President, Dr. Waranya ATCHARIYACHANVANICH, Dr. Panisa VISHUPHONG, Dr. Supawat SUKHAPARAMATE and Mr. Sarun PRAVITRANGUL. The term is one year starting from 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2020.

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The winner of Grant Program 2019

Congratulations! The winner of Grant Program 2019 is Dr. Mario Joyo Aguja!

Title: Conference on Good Governance, Local Economic Development, and Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) in the Southern Philippines

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Report of Grant Program 2018

Ms. RESUELLO Marjorie D. had a poster presentation on Grant program 2018, “Local Economic Development (LED) as Transformational Politics in the Philippines” on Home Coming Day, October 19, 2019.

Good work!

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Congratulations on your graduation!

GSID Alumni Association is happy to welcome you all.

The following list shows those who contributed us on Graduation Day. We would like to express our best appreciation. Thank you so much for your support!

Vidavong Chanhphasouk

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Coming soon! GSID Alumni Annual Party 2019 and Home Coming Day Event

Dear GSID friends

Please save the schedule. On 19 October, our GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University will have an Annual Party in cooperation with the Home Coming Day Event as below. Outstanding alumni from the world will be invited by GSID for the  Career Salon: Working for International Organizations. The detail will be updated. Current faculty members and students are welcome as well as alumni. Wish to see you and enjoy the party soon.

Best regards,

20 September 2019

Masato Noda

President of GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University.

1) GSID Alumni Annual Party

*in cooperation with GSID HCD event

Date and time: 19 October 2019 (Sat), 16:30~18:00

Venue: GSID 1st floor inner court

Fee: TBA

2) GSID Home Coming Day Event: Career Salon: Working for International Organizations

Date and time: 19 October 2019 (Sat), 13:00~16:00

Venue: GSID 8th Floor, Auditorium

Outstanding Alumni as guest speakers

-Dr. Mbuli Charles BOLIKO (FAO)

-Dr. Andin HADIYANTO (Ministry of Finance, Indonesia)

-Dr. Ninebeth Saguan JAVIER (ADB)

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Call for Application of GSID Grant Program 2019

Dear GSID members,

The Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University Alumni Association (hereafter GSID-NUAL) was established with the goal of linking the alumni and current students while building a network of the global professional GSID-NUAL. In this regard, we are committed to starting a “GSID-NUAL Grant Program” to support GSID students’ multidisciplinary research, social activities and alumni development activities by making use of the association donation collected from the members. Among the applications made, we will nominate a project (s).

Please email if you are interested in it. We will send the application form.

The application deadline is 30 September 2019. We look forward to receiving many applications.

GSID Alumni Association



ご興味ある方は、 まで お知らせください。申請書類をお送りいたします。



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Announcement of Annual Party

Dear GSID Alumni

Our annual party will be scheduled on 19 October 2019, Saturday in Tokyo for this year.

Please save your date.

Executive Board

GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University (GSID-NUAL)

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Congratulations on your graduation!

Dear new graduates,

Congratulations on your graduation!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you as new members. We invite all graduates automatically and inclusively for ‘leave no one behind’. The GSID, Alumni Association, Nagoya University (GSID-NUAL) was established in 2000, cooperating with Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL) for our whole university. This association aims at mediating between the alumni and current students, networking of alumni and affiliated faculty members in the world for the development of our alma mater. It persuades t to contribute to peace and develop of the world in peace.

We wish your success of career and life! Please stay in touch and hope see you at our reunion in Nagoya and Tokyo, and/or somewhere in the world!

Yours sincerely,

20 March, 2019

President, Professor Masato Noda (1996 in Ph.D. course, DID).

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Congratulations on your graduation!

GSID Alumni Association is happy to welcome you all.

The following list shows those who contributed us on Graduation Day. We would like to express our best appreciation. Thank you so much for your support!

AMIRI Sayed Ali Asghar

GANBAT Uujimbayar

AFRIN Tanjila

IRAJ Mohammad Mahdi

ZAWAD Mohammad Farid

SIRAJ Shammi

PULE Melesungu

AMIR Semere Azazi


CHEB Hoeurn

JONAS Maria Da Graca Benedito


ODILOV Olimjon

LY Thierno



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