OFW2017 Seminar: Cambodia 3 Contemporary Histroy

May 24, 2017

Today, we were pleased to have Dr. Teilee Kuong to give us a lecture about contemporary history and administration system fo Cambodia. Dr. Kuong briefly introduced history of contempary Cambodia. Then he gave more detailed review of institutional, political and legal reforms for a more open economy in Cambodia. He also led the discussion about some sustaining problems in legal and political reforms, the roles of civil society and issues for future development.

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OFW2017 Seminar: Cambodia 2 (A Struggle for development) by Prof. Satoru Kobayashi

May 17, 2017

We were very pleased to invite Prof. Satoru Kobayashi from Kyoto University to give us a comprehensive lecture about Cambodian rural society. Prof. Kobayashi introduced production-oriented and life-oritented viewpoint of development in Cambodia, basic information of rural livelihoods in Cambodia, particularly in Pursat Province where OFW team will visit in August 2017. He also introduced basic social structure, and the intersections between buddhist activities and rural development in Cambodia. The lecture gave us many important information and hints for students to prepare for their research plan.

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Introduction to Oiden Sanson Center in DFW seminar

May 10, 2017

Today we were pleased to have Mr. Tatsuyoshi Suzuki, Director of Toyota Oiden Sanson Center to give us an introductary lecture about what the Center did in the past 4 years to promote local vitalization through alternative approach. He introduced many cases for us to further understand the situation in rural area of Toyota City.

Special thanks to our TAs who kindly served as interpreters for this lecture. You did an excellent job! Thank you very much!

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OFW2017 Semina: Introduction to Cambodia and Pursat Province by Dr. ChanSopheak Keng

Today, we were pleased to invite Dr. Chansopheak Keng from Royal University of Phnom Penh to give us the 1st session of OFW preliminary seminar.

Dr. Keng’s talk which linked the history with the social change in Cambodia was very helpful for us to understand the country which they will visit. Her personal experience shared in the lecture was also helpful for us to understand more detailed and vivid history and situation of Cambodia.


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OFW2017 Introduction and Team Building

April 26, 2017

We were pleased to start OFW2017 with an exciting session with introduction and team building. Each team showed their unique team spirit! We look forward to working with you for OFW2017!

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DFW2017 Introduction Session

April 26, 2017

In the first session of DFW preliminary seminar, we were pleased to have DFW2016 participants to share their speical experience in their DFW in 2016. These know-hows gave our new students helpful reference for their DFW2017!

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OFW2017 Selection Result & DFW2017 Grouping Result

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the selection result of OFW2017 participants and the grouping result of DFW2017 participants.

Please kindly find the following lists.

OFW2017 Selection Result:OFW2017 Selection Result

DFW2017 Grouping Result:DFW2017 Grouping Result

Welcome to join both fieldwork programs in 2017!

Those who are selected please come to join the 1st seminar on April 26, 2017.

OFW: 14:45-16:15 Please bring the overall schedule distributed on April 12 to the seminar.

DFW:16:30-18:00 Please bring the overall schedule distributed on April 12 to the seminar.


OFW2017 Committee

DFW2017 Committee


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DFW2017 Orientation

April 12, 2017

We held DFW2017 Orientation with 30 audiences who showed their interests in DFW program. Look forward to your applications!

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OFW2017 Orientation

April 12, 2017, we successfully held OFW2017 Orientation at GSID Which about 40 audience took part in. As the Chair of OFW2017 mentioned,  we would like to give special focus on “3Hs in Education” in this year’s OFW program. 3Hs refers to Head (knowledge), Hands (skills) and Heart (attitude).

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OFW2017 is calling for applications (Application Deadline: April 24, 2017, 12:00pm)

Dear all,

We are pleased to call for application for Overseas Feildwork Program (OFW) of 2017.

Overall Schedule: OFW2017 Overall Schedule

Please download the application form below and submit your application by 12:00pm, April 24, 2017 to mailbox of Assistant Prof. Jing Liu on 1st Floor of GSID building.

Application form (Word File):OFW2017 applicationform

Application form (PDF File):OFW2017 applicationform

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact Jing Liu at R306, GSID or send emain to liujing@gsid.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Look forward to your applications!

OFW2017 Commitee

April 12, 2017

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