The following professors contributed in the foundation of the Inclusive Society and State Program in April 2018. (Some of original founders moved to other universities or retired.)

Prof. Takeshi Higashimura (

Interested research topics: Multi-ethnic society, International labor migration

Lectures: Multi-Ethnic Society (spring semester), International Labor Migration (fall semester)

Prof. Yuzuru Shimada (

Interested research topics: Law and development study, Law and society in Southeast Asia, Constitutional politics in Southeast Asia, Relation between formal law and informal law

Lectures: Law and Development (spring semester), Law and Society in Asia (fall semester)

Prof. Isamu Okada (

Interested research topics: Natural resource politics in developing countries, Social movement and political participation, Institutionalism and policy-making process, Latin American politics, Social science methodology on causal inference

Lectures: Comparative Methods (spring semester), Political Institution Theory (fall semester, every two years), Latin American Development Experience (fall semester, every two years)