• Areas of specialization: Sociology, modern history of Japan
  • Research topics: Ainu-Japanese relations in modern Japan. It is a crossover of both sociology and history. My research interest is based on emergence and changes of ethnic-related problems accompanied by development. I also have broad interests in the majority/minority relations in modern nation-states, relations between migration and multiculturalism, effects and representations of development and modernization in the post-war period, etc.

What I am doing at GSID (education)

  • Seminar for doctoral students

<Research Topics of the students>

  • Marginalization of physically disabled people in Laos
  • The Mosuo community in Southwest China from the viewpoint of cultural anthropology
  • Social welfare of migrant caregivers in Thailand
  • Social history of Filipino populism
  • Filipino community in Japan
  • Chinese migrants’ perception of integration in Japan


  • Seminar for Master’s students

<Research Topics of the students>

  • Korean Chinese community in Japan
  • Survival strategy of refugees in Thailand
  • Child rearing of Muslims in Japan
  • Agricultural development in Papua New Guinea
  • Working experience of international students in Japan
  • Representation of Asians in American films
  • Comparison of Chinese students in Japan and UK
  • Identity politics of Third Culture Kids
  • Perception of Chinese workers in Japan
  • Participatory development of ethnic minorities in Viet Nam


  • Titles of doctoral dissertations and master’s theses of my seminar students in recent years

<Doctoral Dissertation>

  • Boundary Work of Everyday Domains in Migration: A Sensory Ethnography of Nikkei Manadonese in Oarai (NiMO)
  • Negotiating with Anime and Manga in India: The Personal Pleasures and Politics of Transnational and Transcultural Fandom
  • A Critical Perspective on Art Brut within a Deleuzian Context
  • The Quest for Social Security among the Indigenous Peoples in the Upland Areas of Cambodia: Livelihood Diversification among Phnong Civil Servant Families
  • Identity Shifts in Ancestral Homeland: Migrant Narratives of Filipino Nikkeijin Workers in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • The Kona Coffee Japanese Community Experience on the Big Island of Hawaii: Formation and Change of a Rural Ethnic Community Focusing on the Issei and Nisei
  • Beyond Otherness and Marginalization: Filipino Transnational Migrants’ Socio-Political and Cultural Attempts to Reposition Themselves in “Multicultural Japan”

<Master’s Theses>

  • Ethnic Business Development: A Case Study of African Traders in Guangzhou
  • Research on the Labor Participation of Chinese Migrant Brides in Japan
  • A Study of Accessing Social Welfare and Quality of Life of International Migrant Workers in Thailand: Perspective of Migrants and Social Workers
  • Muslim Refugees in America: Discrimination, Healthcare Activities, NGOs’ Roles, and Gender Differences
  • Current Living Conditions and Social Security of the Elderly Japanese Brazilians in Aichi Prefecture (in Japanese: 愛知県におけるブラジル人高齢者の生活実態と社会保障)
  • Study of Low-Skilled Myanmar Migrants in Bangkok and their Utilization of Thailand’s Universal Healthcare Insurance
  • Job Hunting and Working Experience of Chinese Students in Japan (in Japanese: 中国人留学生の日本での就職活動と就業体験)
  • Thailand Northern Hill Tribes through the Eyes of the Western World: A Discourse Analysis of Tourism Brochures

  • Lectures: “Multi-ethnic Society” (spring semester), “International Labor Migration” (fall semester)


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