Recent Master Thesis Titles,

  1. The Motivations and Expectations of Student Migration: The Case of Fijian JICA Scholarship Recipients
  2. Social Integration of Migrant Children who Enrolled in Public School in Beijing
  3. Her Perspective: Teenage Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Educationn
  4. Orphans’ Perceptions on “Support from Others” -The Case from Nansana Town, Uganda-
  5. 「学習機能」と「居場所機能」から見た学習支援の課題-名古屋市におけるNPOの活動を事例に-
  6. The Progress Made and Challenges Faced from the Use of a Child-Centered Approach at the Primary School Level in Myanmar
  7. Teacher’s Perspectives on Physical Education and Sport Curricular Implementation at Secondary School in Senegal: A Case Study of Thies Region
  8. 中国湖南省における中等職業学校のカリキュラム編成要因分析:数値制御専攻の教養育成志向型と職業技術志向型, ウガンダ北部において
  9. 紛争被害者に対する職業訓練が彼らの人生に対する認識に与える影響
  10. Social Competence of Students with Disabilities: A Case Study of Collaborated Special-Mainstream Schools in Cambodia
  11. The Effect of Usig the Internet on Primary School Students in Sub-urban Area of China -A Case Study in JiangSu Danyang-
  12. Teachers’ Perspective on the Implmentation of Educating for Gross National Hapiness Initiative in Bhutan: A Case Study of a Primary School
  13. The Effect of Armed Conflict on Education Access: Evidence from Afghanistan
  14. マラウイの就学遅れの実態に関する考察 -リロングウェ・ンジェワ地区小学校児童の事例-
  15. 援助者,被援助者双方の暴力性を乗り越えるポストコロニアル開発学の再検討 -ホミ・K・バーバの異種混淆性概念を中心に-, etc.

Recent Ph.D. Dissertation Titles,

  1. The Effectiveness, Perceptions, and Practices of English Private Tutoring among Taiwanese Secondary School Students
  2. 進学予備教育期間としての日本語学校の成立と展開に関する研究-日本留学の起点としての機能に注目して‐
  3. The Relationship between Brain Circulation and Industry Growth: A Case Study of the Knowledge Services Industry in Sri Lanka
  4. 社会変動と行為者ー「革命」期のガーナ農村部における民衆運動を事例としてー
  5. What Accounts for Achievement of University-Industry Research Collaboration? Evidence from China and Japan
  6. Gender Education for Agricultural Extension Workers: “Gender-sensitive Curriculum” in Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) Colleges in Ethiopia
  7. 日本の大学のODA参加におけるイニシアティブとインパクトに関する研究―1990年代以降の工学系高等教育協力を事例として―
  8. Factors influencing quality of education: A case study of eighth grade students’ mathematics learning achievement in Nepal
  9. The Development of Inequality in Public School Admission: Public Discourses on Ze Xiao and Practices in Urban China
  10. Responses of Universities to Quality Assessment: The Case of Ten Universities in Tianjin Municipality, China
  11. Developing and Managing Competent Workforce in an Environment with Scarce Human Resources:  A Case Study of Malaysian-based MNCs
  12. Making Education Reform Work: A Case Study of Cambodia
  13. 中国朝鮮族における民族教育 -延辺朝鮮族地域を中心に-
  14. 発展途上国の貧困地域における初等教育の質的改善 -チリの低学力校の分析を中心に-
  15. Human Resource Management in Malaysia: A Comparative Study of Japanese, Western, and Malaysian MNCs in Employee Motivation and Retention
  16. フィリピンの多文化教育に関する事例研究 - 小学校低学年における母語使用の効果を中心に, etc.