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ANDA Discussion Paper Series

No. Author Title Date Posted
1 Moon, Wanki “Public Preferences for the Multifunctionality of Agriculture: National Survey of Registered Voters in the U.S.”  PDF (244KB) January, 2009
2 Nishimura, Yoshihiko “Agricultural Development Strategies in the Greater Mekong Sub-region”  PDF (1,112KB) January, 2009
3 Narayanan, K. “Technology Sourcing and Internationalisation of IT Firms in India”  PDF (104KB) January, 2009
4 Toh, Mun Heng “Outsourcing and Fragmentation in Singapore Manufacturing Industry”  PDF (418KB) January, 2009
5 Umemura, Tetsuo “Tourism and Global Financial Crisis”  PDF (902KB) January, 2009
6 Javier, Aser B. “How is Ecotourism Governed? The National Ecotourism Strategy (NES) of the Philippines”  PDF (106KB) January, 2009
7 Yavaprabhas, Supachai “SEAMEO RIHED and Higher Education Harmonisation”  PDF (89KB) January, 2009
8 Neth, Barom “Privatization of Higher Education in Cambodia”  PDF (362KB) January, 2009
9 Phouphet, Kyophilavong “Foreign Capital Inflows in the Natural Resources Sector: Impacts on the Lao Economy”  PDF (91KB) January, 2009
10 Zamroni “East Asian Economic Integration: A Trade Negotiation Game Analysis”  PDF (244KB) January, 2009
11 Nguyen, Tien Dung “Vietnam Integrating with the Regional Economy- A Dynamic Simulation Analysis”  PDF (137KB) January, 2009
12 Aemkulwat, Chairat “Labor Market Transformation in Thailand after Two Decades”  PDF (34KB) January, 2009
13 Paul, Bino “Demographic Dividend or Deficit: Insights from Data on Indian Labour”  PDF (61KB) January, 2009
14 Kimura, Hirotsune “Building Transformative Capacity of the State in a Changing World”  PDF (150KB) January, 2009
15 Shimada, Yuzuru “Role of Law in Development/Peacebuilding”  PDF (66KB) January, 2009
16 Ngin, Chanrith “Farmers’ Associations in Cambodia: Internal Functions and External Relations”
PDF (435KB)
PPT (1,521KB)
January, 2009
17 Chalaiporn, Amonvatana “Thai Government Policies on Poverty Reduction: Measures and Evaluation during 2003-2008”  PDF (26KB) PPT (110KB) January, 2009
18 Ishikawa, Koji “Present Condition and Problems of Rice Industry under Socio-Economic Transformation in Cambodia”  PDF (418KB) January, 2009
19 Tangvitoontham, Nantarat “Implication for the Incidence of Wastewater Treatment Charges: Estimates from Bangkok Households’ Demands”  PDF (178KB) January, 2009
20 Tippakoon, Phakpoom “Industrial Development in Peripheral Provinces of Thailand: Cross-section Analysis of Enterprise Start-ups and Labor Productivity”  PDF (216KB) January, 2009
21 Saengchan, Sarayuth “The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Efficiency: A Comparative Study between Foreign Banks and Selected Thai Commercial Banks”  PDF (167KB) January, 2009
22 Wawan, Juswanto “Demand for Education in Indonesia”  PDF (212KB) January, 2009
23 Kausar, Devi “Rethinking the Role of World Heritage Sites in Development: Cases of Cultural Sites in Indonesia and Cambodia”  PDF (101KB) January, 2009
24 Nguyen, Tien Dung “Impacts of East Asian Integration on Vietnam’s Economy: A CGE Analysis” (111KB) January, 2010
25 Hirakawa, Hitoshi “East Asia’s Structural Change from NIEs to Potentially Bigger Market Economies (PBM) and Regional Cooperation: Implications for a Small Economy”(621KB) January, 2010
26 Phouphet, Kyophilavong “The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Lao Economy: GTAP Model Approach”(447KB)
January, 2010
27 Moon, Wanki “Economic Development and Agricultural Growth in Asia”(369KB) January, 2010
28 Lee, Jinmyon “Linkage and Network Changes in Industrial Clusters of Korea”(370KB) January, 2010
29 Narayanan, K. “Technological Efforts and Export Behavior of IT Firms in India”(186KB) January, 2010
30 Toh, Mun Heng “Learning Curves & Productivity in Singapore Manufacturing Industries”(300KB) January, 2010
31 Tangsupvattana, Ake “Globalization, Governance, Development and Socioeconomic Structure Change in Thailand”(238KB) January, 2010
32 Mugasejati, Nanang Pamuji “Local Democracy, the Failure of Economic Development and Social Conflicts in Indonesia”(291KB) January, 2010
33 Nakagawa, Kasumi “Gender Mainstreaming in Cambodia: Towards a Gender Equal Society?”(241KB) January, 2010
34 Javier, Aser B. “Can Tourism be Pro Poor? The Tourism Act of 2009 and the Local Government of the Philippines”(186KB)
January, 2010
35 Kimura, Hirotsune “Issues for Promoting Ecotourism in Laos”(213KB) January, 2010
36 Aemkulwat, Chairat “Labor Force Structure Change and Thai Labor Market, 1990-2008”(338KB) January, 2010
37 Paul, Bino “Exploring the Link between Labour Market, Business Environment and Technology: Insights from India”(150KB) January, 2010
38 Shinkai, Naoko “Overview of Measurements of Poverty: Case of Asian Countries”(207KB) January, 2010
39 Siharath, Bounheng “The Higher Education in Lao PDR and Roles of International Cooperations for Its University Development – National University of Laos”(118KB) January, 2010
40 Ding, Yan “The Current Situation and Issues of Industry Skill Development in China”(186KB) January, 2010
41 Tangchuang, Phasina “Labour Capacity Preparation in Thailand and in Vietnam”(552KB) January, 2010
42 Rupavijetra, Phetcharee “Industrial Skills Development in Thailand”(187KB) January, 2010
43 Runsinarith, Phim “Infrastructure Development and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Cambodia’s Border Provinces”(307KB) January, 2010
44 Sahu, Santosh Kumar “Determinants of Energy Intensity in Indian Manufacturing Industries: An Econometric Analysis”(334KB)
January, 2010
45 Uraguchi, Zenebe Bashaw “Food Price Hikes and Household Food Security in Bangladesh and Ethiopia: Examining Children’s Vulnerability to Food Insecurity”(473KB) January, 2010
46 Zhao, Ling “Rural-Urban Labor Migration in Industrialization and Urbanization: A Case Study of Hukou System and Nong Min Gong in China”(370KB) January, 2010
47 Ishikawa, Koji “A Study of Rice Industry towards Rural Development in Northwest Cambodia: The Role of Rice Millers for Rural Development”(136KB) January, 2010
48 Nault, Roger “Critical Thinking for Restoration & Development: Working within the Cambodian Higher Education System”(276KB) January, 2010
49 Ligasan, Stephen Rey “Local Government and Community-based Responses to Changes in Socio-economic Structures due to Flood Risks”(154KB) January, 2010
50 Hsieh, Kai-Yu “Competition and Overseas Expansion: The Case of Taiwanese IT Companies Entering China”PDF(372KB) August, 2011
51 Chhinh, Nyda “Costs and Benefits Analysis of Small Scale Jatropha Curcas Plantation in Cambodia”PDF(567KB) August, 2011
52 Ratidanai, Hoonsawat “Investment Costs and the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment”PDF(215KB) August, 2011
53 San, Sampattavanija “Education, Income Inequality, and Thai Economy for the Next Generation”PDF(409KB) August, 2011
54 Sisouk, Boualaphiane “Access to Education of Taoi Ethnic at Taoi District in Saravan Province, Lao PDR.”PDF(2,322KB) August, 2011
55 Do, Thi Thanh Tra “Using  Authentic Materials to Motivate Second Year English Major Students at Tay Bac University during Speaking Lessons”PDF(139KB) August, 2011
56 Agussalim, Dafri “New Trends in Indonesian’s Foreign Policy Orientation and Practices: From Regional to Global Oriented”PDF(214KB) August, 2011
57 Ferido, Miguel “Adopting Corporate Communication in Local Government Units for Successful Government Reform Initiatives”PDF(264KB) August, 2011
58 Bautista, Dexter Lorma Azcueta “Promoting Science Culture Through Science Museums”PDF(192KB) August, 2011
59 Kumar, Santosh “Determinants of Energy Intensity in Indian Manufacturing: An Econometric Analysis”PDF(643KB) August, 2011
60 Rupavijetra, Phetcharee “Linkage between Higher Education and Labor Market in Thailand: Collaboration between Higher Education Institutions and Workplace to Develop Students and Personnel’s Skills”PDF (213KB) August, 2011
61 Tangchuang, Phasina “Linkage between Higher Education and Labor Market in Thailand”PDF (211KB) August, 2011
62 Siharath, Bounheng “Perspectives on Current Trends and Future Directions of Higher Education Development in Lao PDR”PDF (176KB) August, 2011
63 Kimura, Hirotsune “Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism in Developing Countries”PDF (272KB) August, 2011
64 Javier, Aser B. “Opportunities and Challenges in Tourism Development Roles of Local Government Units in the Philippines”PDF (306KB) August, 2011
65 Hirakawa, Hitoshi “East Asia in Transition: Structural Change from NIEs to Potentially Bigger Market Economies and Regional Cooperation: A View from Japan”PDF (683KB) August, 2011
66 Nguyen, Tien Dung “Impacts of East Asian Integration on Vietnam: A CGE Analysis”PDF (324KB) August, 2011
67 Kawashima, Fujio “Judicialization of the Dispute Settlement Mechanisms in Asian Economic Integrations?: Expectation, Reality and Ways Forward”PDF (208KB) August, 2011
68 Narayanan, K. “Emerging Dynamics in Asian Labour Markets”PDF (3,589KB) August, 2011
69 Aemkulwat, Chairat “Labor Supply of Married Couples in the Formal and Informal Sectors in Thailand”PDF (393KB) August, 2011
70 Paul, Bino “Indian Labour Market: Emerging Dynamics”PDF (594KB) August, 2011
71 Shinkai, Naoko “Poverty in Asia: A Brief Overview and An Examination of the Impact of Health Shocks”PDF (284KB) August, 2011
72 Ngin, Chanrith “Economic Growth, Agriculture and Poverty Reduction in Cambodia”PDF (472KB) August, 2011
73 Tangchuang, Phasina “Access to Quality Education and Poverty Reduction in Thailand”PDF (457KB) August, 2011
74 Net, Seila “Economic Growth in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand: Has FDI Really Played an Important Role? Empirical Evidences and Policy Implications”PDF (906KB) August, 2011
75 Ngoun, Sethykun “Linkage between Formal and Informal Financial Sectors in Cambodia”PDF (441KB) August, 2011
76 Osei-Assibey, Eric “Does Source of Finance Matter for Microenterprise Productivity Growth in Ghana?”PDF (422KB) August, 2011
77 Usami, Koichi “Skill Development for Agricultural and Rural Development in Asia: Empirical Lessons from Family Farming and Agricultural Extension Workers in Japan and Bangladesh”PDF (124KB) August, 2011
78 Yonezawa, Akiyoshi “Development of Highly Educated Human Resources in Asia”PDF (67KB) August, 2011
79 Hayashi, Takashi “Skill Development by Asian Affiliates of Japanese MNEs: Misalliance Problem and Hybrid of ○&□ Model”PDF (275KB) August, 2011
80 Morita, Atsuro “Skills Development in Thai Informal Manufacturing Sector: Development of Appropriate Technology and Role of Apprenticeship”PDF (129KB) August, 2011
81 Itagaki, Keishiro “Current Situation and Prospect of Food Trade in Asian Countries”PDF (221KB) August, 2011
82 Nishimura, Yoshihiko “Development of New Agricultural Production Systems in Asia: Impacts of Globalization and Industrialization on Agricultural Products”PDF (130KB) August, 2011
83 Tangsupvattana, Ake “Political De-development, Corruption and Governance in Thailand”PDF (284KB) August, 2011
84 Panyee, Kusuma “Benefit of Local Material Utilization: A Case of the One Tambon One Product Project in Thailand”PDF (670KB) August, 2011
85 Phim, Runsinarith “Determinants of Rural Poverty in Cambodia”PDF (317KB) August, 2011
86 Heenkenda, Shirantha “Index-Based Microinsurance for Paddy Sector in Sri Lanka: An Evaluation of Demand Behavior”PDF (352KB) August, 2011