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Research Team

The proposed international joint research as a collective initiative of the Academic Network for Development in Asia (ANDA) will be conducted through several multinational and multidisciplinary teams consisting of scholars from the member institutions. Sector-specific teams will be organized for R-1 and theme-specific teams will be organized for R-2. Selected representatives from each member institution will join one of the teams, according to their areas of specialization. Proposed teams are as follows:

R-1: The Impact of Globalization and Changing International Division of Labor on Asian Developing Countries

  1. Team 1: Agriculture
  2. Team 2: Manufacturing
  3. Team 3: Service (1): Tourism
  4. Team 4: Service (2): Education Services

R-2: Changes in Socio-economic Structures in Asian Late Developing Countries

  1. Team 1: Regional Integration
  2. Team 2: Labor Markets
  3. Team 3: Governance
  4. Team 4: Poverty Reduction

R-3: Skills Development for Sustainable Economic Development in Asian Late Developing Countries in the Global Age

  1. Team 1: Educational and Training Systems for Skills Development (Formal TVET)
  2. Team 2: Non-formal TVET
  3. Team 3: Role of Universities in Skills Development
  4. Team 4: Linkages with the Private Sector