Ohashi’s seminar 大橋ゼミ


Participants of Ohashi’s seminar are/were those who are/were interested in solving the various  problems regarding socially weak/vulnerable people and supporting them. The participants’ scopes are also various: government organization, NGO,  local community, socially weak themselves etc.

Key words are: NGO, social business, gender,  ethnic minority, aging society, community development, participatory development, social capital, social network, sociocultural change etc.

Research Topics of Participants (2006- )

・Church Youth Programs and Youth Development: Case-study of Vabukori Youth Program, Papua New Guinea

・Civil Servant and Ethics Training in Indonesia

・Dynamism in Ludruk Folk Theatre: Facing the Changes of Entertainment Trends in East Javanese Society

・How Local Elites Capture a Participatory Development Project? The Case of ARMM-Social Fund Project in Brgy. X

・Human rights, Democracy and  Indonesian Diplomacy

・Mining Industry in Mongolia

・Refugee Children’s Right to Participate: Analysis of Children’s Participation and Protection in Ban Don Yan, Thailand

・Relation Between Women’s Multiple Roles and Career Advancement: A Study of Thai Working Women in Junior Management Level in Bangkok

・Shian Diaspora in Ciang Mai, Thailand

・Social Capital and Internal Displaced Persons in the Philippines

・Social Network and Social Support:The case study of Thai students in Aichi prefecture, Japan

・Stakeholders’ Evaluation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Rice Farming Projects in Papua New Guinea

・Social business in the Philippines

・Social business in Bamgladesh

・Work and Life Balance in Nigeria


Indonesian: government officials, professor, NGO worker,

Papua New Guinean: social worker, business woman

Filipino: Social worker

Thai: business women




日本語ゼミの卒業生、在籍者の研究テーマ(2006年- )