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Poverty Reduction Strategies – Microfinance

Course objectives:


Microfinance has become a popular tool for poverty reduction since the 1980s. Over the last thirty years it has evolved from a simple group-lending mechanism pioneered by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh to a highly sophisticated global industry. In this lecture series we will review the historical development of microfinance and try to understand the important debates that cut across conventional academic disciplines. In so doing, we will examine the changing relationship between microfinance and poverty reduction. Best practices from different parts of the world will be discussed in five case studies at the end.     



1.       Introduction: What is microfinance?

2.       The evolution of microfinance: Shifting ideals

3.       Microfinance and poverty reduction: What is the debate?

4.       The role of microfinance: Income protection or income promotion?

5.       Microfinance and empowerment

6.       The need to save

7.       Microinsurance

8.       Microfinance and technology: Mobile banking

9.       Regulatory framework for microfinance

10.   Impact assessment for microfinance

11.   Case studies – 1

12.   Case studies – 2

13.   Case studies – 3

14.   Case studies – 4

15.   Case studies – 5


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