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10月, 2011:

Seminar on 18th Oct. 2011

From the next week onwards, we will read chapters from Doing Fieldwork: Ethnographic Methods for Research in Developing Countries and Beyond (2005) by Wayne Fife. We will begin by exploring methods for macro-level research. Macro-level methods are important for ethnographic research because we cannot truly understand a local phenomenon without contexualising this in a broader picture.  In the next week’s seminar we will learn how to use historical sources for ethnographic research (Chapter 2).

Seminar on 11th Oct.

It is extremely difficult to write a good literature review.
In the next seminar we are going to learn how to do a literature review.

Seminars in the autumn 2011

From now on, this blog will be used for the purpose of announcing what we are going to do in our postgraduate seminars. Tomorrow (Oct. 4) is our first seminar in the autumn 2011. I am expecting one or two new students to join in. We are going to meet in Seminar Room No. 7 from 13:00 to 14:30. 

We will begin by discussing steps involved in the social science research process, using examples provided by the participating students.