Program in Peacebuilding


  • Professors
  • Purpose of the program
  • Fields of Profession for Program Graduates
  • Positions Held by Program Graduates
  • MA and Ph.D. Theses


Purpose of the Program

  • The following subjects will be covered: 1) theories and approaches for reconstruction assistance in post-conflict societies, 2) the relationship between conflict and development, 3) vaious phases of development assistance to post-conflict societies, the role of donor sates, international organizations, agencies, NGOs and non-state actors.
  • Objectives: to understand basic concepts and questions regarding development assistance and international cooperation in preventing conflicts and in reconstructing post-conflict societies: why conflicts occur, whether or not international community should intervene, what way it should intervene when it approves its intervention, whether or not development assistance enables post-conflict societies to stabilize peace.
  • This program is designed for those students and people in general who seek to be engaged in the area of international peace cooperation.

Fields of Profession for Program Graduates

  • Project desiners facilitators, and those who implement peace-building projects in such organizations as JICA, JBIC, UNHCR, UNDP, World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO.
  • Those who work for consulting companies which carry out projects for emergency humanitarian assistance, reconstruction and development assistance.
  • Research institutes and think-tanks in the field of conflict analysis, investment risk analysis: JETRO, Japan Institute for International Affairs, FASID and etc.
  • University professors

Positions Held by Program Graduates

Master’s Program Graduates:

  • Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
  • JICE, JICA, and other development assistance agencies
  • Toshiba, イビデン, and other coompanies
  • 市民フォーラム21, NPO Center
  • Marketing analysits in Petroleum companies in Azerbaijan, Kuwait

Doctoral Program Graduates:

  • University Professors (lectures, associate professors) : Kassesert University (Thailand), 開南大学(台湾),University of Columbo (Sri Lanka)

MA and Ph.D. Theses

Recent Master’s Thesis Titles:

  • Energy Poverty Eradication in Indonesia’s Remote Rural Areas: An Institutional Analysis on the Governance of Electricity Based Energy Service for the Rural Poor
  • Community-Driven Development and Women’s Empowerment in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan: A Case Study of Community Empowerment Programme for Women (CEPW) in Balkh Province
  • Rethinking Higher Education in Afghanistan: Social Focus on Education Reform From 2002 to Present
  • The Construction of Identity of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Kashmir Conflict (1998 to 2009): A Case Study of the Delhi Pandits’ Perspective on Kashmirivat
  • The Impact of UNRWA’s Assitance on Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank: A Study of Aid in Protracted Refugee Situations
  • Success of Local Integration of Tajik Refugees in Turkmenistan
  • The role of media in peace building in Afghanistan: Promoting legal crops to eradicate poppy
  • The Issue of Reservations of Nuclear Weapon States to the Protocol to the Treaty on the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

Recent Ph.D. Dissertation Titles:

  • Thailand’s Domestic Politics and its Foreign Policy-Making:With the Empirical,Study of Chatichai’s Turn the Battlefields in to Marketplaces’ Policy,1988-1991:
  • Humanitarian Activities of the UN Peacekeeping Operations in Africa