What is DICOS?

Introduction to Department of International Cooperation Studies (DICOS)

The department offers three programs, “Governance and Law,”“Peacebuilding,” and “Social Development and Culture.”

For “Program in Governance and Law,” important issues are how to realize “good governance” in international organizations, governments, and NGOs, and how to establish “rule of law” at the domestic level.

Program in Peacebuilding” deals with issues such as how interstate and intrastate conflicts are brought about, how they can be settled, and how state system of war torn nations can be rebuilt. “

Program in Social Development and Culture” deals with social development and social change in terms of poverty, gender, participatory development, labor migration and globalization, etc. which, accompany development and modernization process. It is possible for you to study international cooperation from wider perspectives by taking courses offered not only by your program but also by other programs, departments and graduate schools.

The department provides you with various approaches to issues of development and with multiple viewpoints to look at international relations. Faculty members include eminent professors in the fields of political science, law, sociology, history and so on. Graduates from this department work for universities, research institutes, government bodies for international development of Japan such as JICA and JETRO, NGOs, NPOs and private companies.

DICOS Programs

Program in Governance and Law

Program in Peacebuilding

Program in Social Development and Culture