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Last updated 2014/11/11

The curriculum to be developed consists of:

  • Lectures on new trends and approaches in development assistance (“An Introduction to International Development”, “Development Economics”, “Law and Development”, etc.)
  • Lectures on rural development and poverty reduction in developing countries (“Poverty Reduction Strategies”, “Rural Development”, “Theories on NGOs”, etc.)
  • Lectures on business management and law (“Business Administration”, “Finance”, “Business Law”, “Competition Law”, etc.)
  • Lectures on ASEAN/Japan’s politics, law, society, and economy (“Asian Law”, “Japan’s Development Experience”, “Politics in the Philippines”, “Thailand’s Economy”, “Constitution of Japan”, “Contemporary Administration of Justice in Japan”, “Contemporary Japanese Politics and Public Administration”, “Seminar on Comparative Law and Politics”, etc.)
  • Fieldwork (“Domestic/ Overseas Fieldwork”)
  • English/ Japanese/ Other languages