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Campus ASEAN Short-term Program (Ovrseas Fieldwork) August17 to 31, Kampong Speu, Cambodia

最終更新日時 2014/09/16

During August17 to 31, 2014, 25 graduate students and four faculty members from the Graduate School of International Development (GSID) conducted overseas fieldwork (OFW) in Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia, with the collaboration from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE).


In OFW 2014, participants were divided into the following four working groups with their preliminary preparation.


・Working Group 1: Microfinance (6 students)

・Working Group 2: Local Governance (8 students)

・Working Group 3: Language Education (6 students)

・Working Group 4: Community Development (5 students)


With guidance from group advisors from GSID and RUPP, help and support from the recruited student interpreters from RUPP, participants conducted their fieldwork in municipalities, educational facilities, NGOs, and rural area during day and had discussions till late at night every day based on their findings. Participants acquired knowledge and experience from the process of team building and working together with group members of another culture in different specialized field.


The last day of the program, on August 28, 2014, international joint seminar entitled “NU-RUPP-RULE-Ewha Joint Seminar” was held in RUPP with collaboration from RUPP, RULE and Ewha Womans University. Participants include 25 students from GSID, faculty members and students from RULE, RUPP and Ewha Womans University. In the seminar, the four GSID working groups made presentations to report their findings based on their field work and analysis. After the four presentations by GSID from four working groups, two November 2104 Campus ASEAN short-term inbound participants made presentations, followed by presentation of undergraduate students from Ewha Woman’s University.


Questions and comments were actively raised from the floor. The seminar provided a good opportunity for faculty members and students among the four universities to communicate for mutual understanding. After listening to speeches from faculties from each university, 25 OFW participants received certificates from Dr. Phalthy Hap and Dr. Chan Savary of RULE.