June 16, 2000

Announcement of the Inaugural Meeting of the GSID Alumni Association: Reporting on the Past and Looking towards the Future

This meeting is to let you know the history and aim of the GSID Alumni Association, and to ask for your cooperation.


The first movement to establish an alumni association began in 1995. Some volunteer students made temporary rules and collected 1,000 yen, as entrance fees, and aimed for its official foundation in the year 2000. By March 1998, 128 graduates were registered in this temporary organization. Unfortunately, the initial volunteers could not manage to continue their activity. Therefore, it became necessary to re-start the formation process.

Dr. Osada, the present dean at GSID, asked me to take care of the initial steps at the end of last year. I contacted the previous volunteers and they agreed that the new preparatory committee should take over the task of creating the GSID Alumni Association. Since then, I have taken the role of Secretary-general of the Preparatory Committee with the goal of establishing GSID ’s alumni association.

The Preparatory Committee has continuously held meetings during this period. In March, we established the aim, planned activities, revised entrance fees (Yen 3,000), and recruited 38 applications, mainly from new graduates for our association. The aim of the alumni association is to promote communication between GSID, students and graduates. For more details on our activities, please refer to the enclosed document “Invitation to the GSID Alumni Association”, dated March 10, 2000.

Requests for the Foundation Meeting

The Following are requests from the Preparatory Committee for the Inaugural Meeting:

  1. Confirmation of your attendance/absence to/from the meeting
  2. Message to the Alumni: Please utilize the enclosed Application Form to give us any feedback concerning the Alumni Association. All messages received will be distributed at the meeting and be sent to all the Alumni members later.
  3. New or re-application: Please utilize the enclosed Application Form. We would like to ask those who initially paid 1,000 yen (members who applied before 1998), to pay an additional 2,000 yen to meet the revised entrance fee of 3,000 yen, the official membership fee.

The initial entrance fee of 1,000 yen was set because it would allow inexpensive memberships and promote efficient administration. The present Preparatory Committee feels that 1,000 yen is not enough to effectively run the alumni associations, especially during the beginning stages (please take a look at the enclosed “Income and Expenditure for the 1995-1999 Fiscal Year and Estimates for the 2000 Fiscal Year”). We have asked for support from the GSID Administrative Office during the startup phase. However, we are also required to increase our own budget size and to efficiently manage the association.

Please reply using the enclosed envelop or by sending an email to the association

We are really looking forward to your new application and any feedback that you might have. Please send your application and membership fees with the enclosed envelope or by downloading the Application Form from our homepage and sending it to We will also accept applications and membership payments at the Inaugural Meeting on July 15. Furthermore, please let us know your contact information, especially your e-mail address, because future correspondence with our members will be by email. Once more, any ideas, comments and/or concerns from all members are much appreciated.

Masato NODA
Secretary of the GSID Alumni Association Preparatory Committee
Tel: 052-789-4978
Fax: 052-789-4992

Alumni Bank Account:

GSID Dosokai

Imaike Branch #263
Savings Account # 1662261