Message from the President, Prof. Masato Noda

Dear alumni of GSID,

On coming 7 July 2018, Saturday, we will organize the General Assembly and Annual Party.

Please save the schedule and join it with your old friends.

As you may receive the email from the secretariat, this is the day of Open Campus 2018 and GSID Symposium to celebrate reborn GSID.…/Open%20Campus%20Poster%20e…

In Japanese culture, 7 July is the special day of ‘reunion’. Japanese celebrate ‘Tanabata’, the Star Festival. On the day, Alter and Vega enjoy reunion on the Milky way once a year.

Wish to see you there.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Masato Noda
President, GSID Alumni Association, Nagoya University (GSID-NUAL)

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